Envision a "post card-picturesque" New Hampshire neighborhood made up of charming capes, stately saltboxes, and hip-roofed colonials. Experience a "new-old world" development devoted to quality over quantity footage, simple craftsmanship over mass production motif, and traditional over trendy architecture. Discover Olde Colony, a community of faithfully reproduced 18th century homes, at New Boston. Differentiated by paint color, architectural details, and landscaping, each home is crafted to compliment and blend beautifully into the replicated period of Olde Colony. Admire the traits of these traditional homes, compliments of their historical lineage￿the raw beauty of hemlock siding, the coziness of a masonary Rumford fireplace, the character of wide pine flooring, the detail of raised panel wainscoting and walls, and the nature of hand hued ceiling beams. Appreciate not inheriting the financial and labor intensive commitment of their ancestral relatives. It does not take long to travel back in time; Olde Colony, nestled into the northeast nook of Joe English Hill among acres of rolling pine knolls and graced with spectacular views of Mount Uncanoonuc, is a convenient 15 minutes from major highways. Bring the warmth and charm of yesteryear into your life. Reserve your place in history at Olde Colony.

From Interstate 93 - South from Concord - North from Massachusetts:
Take 101 West to Route 114, turn left at the first set of lights onto New Boston Road, follow for 6 miles. Take a right onto Bedford Road, and stay on Bedford Road, bearing left until you come to McCurdy Road (you will see the "Sunday Rock" landmark), take left. Carriage Road (Olde Colony Subdivision) is your first left on McCurdy Road.

The below-described items apply to every home at Olde Colony at New Boston. Specific details may be upgraded to suit the individual buyers￿ needs. Any upgrades will be detailed in the individual home Specification Agreement at time of signing the Contract.

  • Hemlock clapboard siding with some areas to receive flush vertical rough boarding. (Cedar shingles can be applied for an additional cost.) All siding to be of historic solid stain colors chosen by customer.
  • Granite steps.
  • Wood windows with divided lights, i.e. in glass grids, flat pine casing inside & out.
  • Transom window over front entry door on most designs.
  • Rumford style fireplace with custom mantle. All chimneys to be made of brick.

  • Entire yard loomed and seeded (25￿ around perimeter).
  • Hardpack finish driveway material.
  • 200 AMP electrical service.
  • 25 year architectural shingles.
  • All homes with garages to have a barn style door on a track & pulley system at the rear wall.

  • All homes with garages to have a copper roof cupola with a weather vane of the customer￿s choice from our selection.

  • All overhead doors to include door openers.
  • Wide pine floors throughout first floor. Carpet allowance (18.00 per yard). Tile allowance in Second Floor Bathrooms @ $7.50 a Sq. Ft.

  • Four-panel colonist doors with hardware/custom wood staircase.
  • $10,000.00 cabinet/vanity/counter top allowance.

  • Wire mold shelving.
  • Semi-gloss finish paint on trim.
  • F.H.A. gas heat and 40 gallon tank for domestic hot water heated with gas.
  • $1,000.00 lighting allowance.
  • Floor plans may be modified for a minimum fee of $200.00.
  • Prewiring for cable TV and phone in choice of 3 rooms.
  • Choose your own lot in Phase III.
  • Each home comes with one whirlpool/tub unit with tiled surround walls in choice of bathroom.

  • Custom landscaping packages offered.
Notice: Cornice details may differ from ones shown on plans. Window eyebrows are not included
Below are building specifications for Olde Colony. All homes come with a One-Year Express Warranty. All materials carry manufacturer￿s warranties.

  1. Foundation and Basement
    • Cast in place foundation with 8￿ thick walls over 10￿ x 16￿ footings all around. Jog for fireplace when applicable. Foundation to be coated with asphalt based sealer to grade.
    • Poured concrete basement floor to be 3￿ thick with trowel finish. Garage floor to be same with 4￿ concrete.
    • Basement height to be minimum of 7￿8￿ except under support members, beams and misc. plumbing and or heating piping.
    • All concrete to be #3000 mix and finished in a workman like manner.
    • House comes standard with two cellar foundation windows.

  2. Framing, Roofing and Siding
    • Single sill of pressure treated 2 x 6 over foam sill seal.
    • Deck framing to be as per code (joist) @ 16￿ o/c with ￿￿ T & G decking to be glued and nailed.
    • Exterior walls to consist of 2 x 6 studs @ 16￿ o/c with ￿￿ sheathing, all headers to be 2 x 8 with cavities insulated.
    • Roof to consist of truss design where applicable with 5/8￿ sheathing. Eaves to have 8￿ galvanized drip edge with 3￿ of ice and water shield @ eaves. Roofing material to be 25 year Architectural shingles nailed to sheathing with continuous venting at ridge. Continuous soffit venting to be installed with proper venting.
    • Roof trim to consist of pine boards built up with 1 x 6 and 1 x 3.
    • Interior walls to consist of 2 x 4 studs @ 16￿ o/c spacing, all ceilings to be strapped.
    • Siding to consist of Hemlock clapboards 4￿ exposure to the weather and fanning 1st few rows, vertical rough pine boards to be added to accent style of home on some exterior walls. Wood shutters, gutters and rain diverters are not included in price of homes.
    • Exterior decks are not included in price of homes; we prefer terraces instead to go with the style of these homes, which can be added as part of your landscaping package.
    • Barn sliding style doors on rear wall to be installed on rail track.
    • Plywood in attic can be added for an additional cost.

  3. Insulation
    • Exterior walls to consist of 6￿ (R-19) unfaced batts with 4-mil poly vapor barrier stapled in place.
    • Roof to be (R-38) blown in.
    • Floor to consist of 6￿ (R-11) unfaced batts with no vapor barrier.

  4. Interior walls, Ceilings and Flooring
    • All finished living space walls to be finished with ￿￿ drywall screwed to studs and finished with 3 coats. Antique style skim coat plaster can be added for an additional cost.
    • All finished living space ceilings to be finished with ￿￿ drywall screwed to studs and finished texture.
    • Interior flooring to be wide pine flooring throughout the first floor, except in bathrooms. All second floor to be carpet in bedrooms at an allowance of $14.50 per square yard (tile in bathrooms. Any upgrading from the allowance is payable to the flooring contractor upon selecting said upgrade. All allowance figures to include installation and padding.

  5. Interior walls, Ceilings and Flooring
    • Windows to be 5/8￿ insulated glass by Rivco tilting double hung with 9 over 9 divided in glass grids and screens. All windows are wood with flat pine exterior trim, interior to be picture frame and window seat.
    • Exterior doors to be metal with metal thresholds with transom top on front door only, locksets to be keyed alike on all exterior doors.
    • Garage doors to be wood panel type with door operators. Garage door installation to comply with all applicable codes and standards.

  6. Interior Trim and Finish
    • Doors to be masonite (4-panel style) split jamb with 3 1/2" Colonial Casting.
    • Baseboards to be 5" speed base applied in all rooms.
    • Closet shelving to be wire mold with single shelf in all closets, pantry and linen closets have 4 shelves installed per closet.
    • Hardware on all 1st and second floor interior doors to be black hinges and knobs.
    • Wood floors throughout first floor, expect wide pine flooring to have gaps and spaces between boards and may split occasionally. All flooring nailed with cut nails.
    • All fireplaces to be Rumford style and include an antique style mantle to customer￿s choice.
    • Garage cupola of your selection on styles supplied by Builder.
    • All custom finish work not listed above, i.e. raised panels, crown moldings, custom shelving, china pantries, latch doors, H.L., hinges are an extra cost.

  7. Kitchen and Baths
    • Plumbing fixtures include all Delta or Moen faucet sets with chrome fixtures.
    • Tub and shower units are one piece fiberglass type with single handle faucets. Shower rods and glass doors are not included in the price of home. Each home comes with one whirlpool tub unit surrounded in choice of tile.
    • Stainless double bowl kitchen sink with single handle faucet set with spray.
    • Since this home is on an individual septic system there is no garbage disposal.
    • All cabinets, vanities, counter tops and installation to be covered in the allowance provided for in this agreement.

  8. Landscaping and Driveway
    • Finished driveway surface to be 10￿ in width and finished with hardpack material.
    • Turnaround at house to be 9￿ x 18￿ finished same as driveway.
    • Lawn areas (25￿ or less around house and over septic system) to be finished with 4￿ of loam then raked and seeded.
    • There is no landscaping, i.e. shrubs, trees, bark mulch etc. to be done, any trees transplanted on the site are excluded from the warranty. Landscaping packages are available upon request.
    • Exterior front steps to be granite.

  9. Painting Interior and Exterior
    • Interior walls to have one coat of primer, then two coats of off white flat finish paint applied over drywall.
    • Interior doors and trim to have one coat of primer and two coats of semi gloss off-white paint.
    • Additional interior wall colors may be selected by buyers at a nominal additional charge due to extra quantities required.
    • Exterior doors to be painted with enamel paint, color to be selected by buyers.
    • Exterior trim and siding colors to be selected by customer and is to be either a solid or natural stain color.

  10. Electrical System
    • Prior to starting electrical work a walk through inspection will be done with buyers and builder to determine outlet locations and any special fixture locations.
    • 200 amp service entrance and circuit breaker panel to be installed.
    • Two exterior GFI protected plugs to be installed, location to be determined by buyers during framing walk through.
    • Basement to have four porcelain light fixtures provided and one outlet, smoke detectors to be installed per national codes and are not part of the lighting allowance.
    • Garage to include two porcelain light fixtures, one outlet and one heat detector to be installed per national codes and are not part of the lighting allowance.
    • Three telephone jacks to be provided, location determined by buyer.
    • Three cable outlets to be provided, location determined by buyer.
    • Switches and outlets to be ivory in color with matching wall plates.
    • Smoke detectors to be installed per national building codes and are not part of the lighting allowance.
    • All wiring to meet local building codes including covered porch and N.E.C. requirements.
    • Separately switched bath fan to be located in each bathroom.
    • All lighting fixtures/doorbells are part of the lighting allowance that is part of this agreement (allowance to cover light fixtures only).

  11. Plumbing and Heating
    • Water piping to be Type M copper soldered with lead free solder.
    • Drainage piping to be schedule 40 PVC sized to meet national codes.
    • Stops to be installed at all lavatories, toilets and sinks.
    • Two outside frost free sill cocks to be provided.
    • Water system to consist of drilled artesian well, with submersible pump installed with adequate water supply per state standards. (Water is guaranteed to be potable only, there will be no filtering for clarity, radon, taste or cosmetic purposes.)
    • Washer and dryer hookups to be as shown on plans, or in basement.
    • Three bedroom septic system to be installed per plans approved by N.H.W.S.P.C.D. and to be fully operational prior to closing.
    • Heating system to be two-zone F.H.A. gas heat with 40 gallon tank for domestic hot water in homes of 2300 SF or more and one zone in homes of less than 2300 SF.
Operating Policy and Procedures
  • All materials are to come from Builder￿s Suppliers, if other suppliers are used then buyers shall, at the discretion of the supplier to pay for those items upon ordering. All correspondence and changes shall be addressed to the Builder￿s Supervisor. All subcontractors used in the construction of the home are paid by Builder and are therefore under the direction of Builder. No changes will take place without proper documentation from Builder￿s Supervisor.
  • The hours of work are 7:00 - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. All Builder's personnel may be reached between this time.
  • Due to insurance reasons any visitors during working hours are to be discouraged unless prior arrangements are made.
  • All meetings are to take place at Mitch Construction / SRT Office or at the construction site.
  • All moneys paid prior to entering into a purchase and sales agreement for modification of plans are nonrefundable.
  • Unless prior arrangements are made and clearly shown on all plans at the design review stage, then the following items are to be placed at the discretion of the Builder: house setting, septic system, driveway, stumps, heating system, electric panel, bulkhead, cellar windows, structural members, chimneys, vents, fuel tanks, door chimes, laundry area, deck stairs.

(please click on pictures to enlarge)

1. FHA or VA Financing. $2000.00
2. Plywood attic space (if applicable) priced per home.  
3. Wood carved ceiling beams (per beam)

250.00 Each
4. Raised panel wall on fireplace wall (based on 14 l.f. of wall)

5. Raised paneling and chair rail-13 x 13-size room

6. Raised paneling and chair rail-1 wall at stairway 1,800.00
7. Basic ceiling crown molding 3 ￿￿ one piece

5.00 l.f.
8. Formal ceiling crown molding 6￿ multiple piece 8.50 l.f.
9. Pressure treated deck 20.00 sq. ft. 30.00 sq. ft.
10. Computer floor plan redesign (minor layout change) 500.00
11. Electrical boxes for phone or cable (each additional box) 55.00 each
12. Extra outside sill cocks 75.00 each
13. Plumbing for ice maker in refrigerator 200.00
14. Skylight (open with pole) 1,000.00
15. Additional window 550.00
16. Central vacuum system (3 Outlets) 1,500.00
17. Central air conditioning-2 zone 3,500.00
18. Extra jetted 5-ft or 6ft. whirlpool tub 3,000.00
19. Trey ceilings (per room) 1,500.00
20. Brick front steps (standard size) 2,000.00
21. Farmers porch (full front of house) 10,000.00
22. Pine floors (over and above 1st floor) 7.50 sq. ft.
23. Hardwood floors 9.50 sq. ft.
24. Brick front on home 22.00 sq. ft.
25. Additional door 550.00
26. Generator hook-up (generator not included) 1,000.00
27. Skim coat plaster instead of drywall (add .50 sq. ft. wall & ceiling footage)  
28. Ask about our landscape packages  
29. Wood shutters priced per house  
30. Cedar shingles on roof or siding-priced per home  
31. F.H.W. by oil with tankless domestic hot water - no additional cost.  

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